You can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl.

From Orange I made the dreaded trip into Sydney. This country girl doesn’t like the city one bit. And neither does Barney. But I had to smuggle him in because later in the week we were bound for Nowra and there was a lunch visit booked to see his biggest fans! Kasey and Kody, two gorgeous girls who had plotted to steal Barney many times as we crossed paths on our travels in 2015 in Queensland.

The first night I couldn’t get a motel anywhere for the night with Barney so I swaged it at a friend’s block of land where their half built house was. Well that was the plan, but the neighbor couldn’t handle that and insisted that I stay in their house. Barney minded the car for the night as usual and I rolled my swag out in the house and snuck out early in the morning to travel half an hour down the road do a photo shoot with Armaguard and NAB bank. But my GPS led me astray and added another 20 minutes to my trip. Lucky I left with plenty of time to spare. Surrounded by South Africans I was in heaven with the accent, but felt claustrophobic as I was literally surrounded by men with guns as I moved around the vehicle. I had about 5 minutes to do the photo shoot as their time schedules were so strict and we needed to get to the bank for the next photos before they had to do and do their day job.

Don’t ask me how I did it, but in two days I managed to smuggle Barney into the top floor of an apartment building to stay with university friends, eat at an amazing restaurant, then worked it off as Louisa and Kane played ball with Barney and Louisa begged Kane to let her keep him! (If only I was a bloke, Barney is the biggest chick magnet and I wouldn’t be single). Then I finished the car photo shoot, saw and photographed some epic boats being transported by a lovely boating family right in the heart of Sydney and once I had winged a meeting with the owner of Attcall, showed them The Drover and convinced them of the positive focus for The Driver. (added note: I did try over 20 times via phone and more than 10 times via email over months to engage these people. The fact that they hadn’t said no meant I was going to keep trying until I got a yes!) I then chased the “Remembrance” truck from one end of Sydney and back again to capture it and the amazing artwork from the war on it.  But not before I had interviewed the owners, gained some amazing quotes and then found that my recorder hadn’t worked!

Seriously! I must have said something really bad about someone because KARMA was not on my side! Because then I found an issue with the camera I had used for the Remembrance truck and there was no fixing the images. So an emergency call was made to a fellow photographer who lived in Sydney to reshoot it for me.

He is the world’s best equine photographer who was excited at the challenge but clearly hadn’t thought about the fact that trucks are many many times bigger than horses and he would need a WIDE angle lens! So he had two shots at the cookie to get it right too! But it was all worth it as the truck has ended up on the front of the book.