Short Stories part 2

Short story 4:

While out photographing Temuka Transport for the Truck book, now named: THE DRIVER, I was told I can take photos of trucks and what ever I like, but don’t expect to get photos of the family who run the business.

‘We don’t like the camera’ said Brendon who is in charge of the livestock logistics.

The first day I was out with them I really struggled to get what I needed for the book. We had freshly shorn hoggets and weaner dairy cattle. Both of which don’t look good at the best of times at this age! And although this is normal to those of us who understand livestock and the situations they were coming from, the general public may have seen it as a bad thing so I couldn’t possibly use them in the book.

Alec, an agent for the business was driving me around and trying to find the right stock and locations for photos, but we came up with nothing. I said, 'You know the best place to take photos would be Lake Tekapo'.

I stressed about it a bit that night and said to Marg we were not really meeting my brief. It was a bit hard for them, as they happened to be really quiet that week.

The next morning I met the man behind the operation itself. Rowdy. Just had his 80th birthday but was still heavily involved in the business. Marg his wife still turned up for work at 8am every day and was the face of the business- answering phones and dealing with accounts at the front counter Monday to Friday. She even came in to clean the buildings on the weekends.

Rowdy was pretty standoffish to begin with. Thinking I was like any other reporter, but once I dropped a few ‘f bombs’ and talked of my time on the land he soon worked out I was just a regular farm girl. In no time he was putty in my hands. I said, ‘Let's finish breakfast and head out to get some photos, I want a nice pic of you’. To which he responded, ‘Like hell you will, there will be no photos of me.’

I leant over the table and said 'Rowdy, I can get blood out of a stone', and gave him a wink.

He just laughed at me as he put another mouthful of bacon and eggs in his mouth.

We headed out to a station, Stu Point, and got some amazing photos. Turns out I knew the manager of the station so we had lunch with them and shared a few old stories from the past.

By the end of the day I had photos of all the family and it turns out, Rowdy quite liked the camera! Although he wont admit it as he is soooo humble. But as we didn’t do the normal ‘posed photos’ he was quite comfortable about the whole process.

No longer was I allowed to stay in a motel while I was there capturing their business, I had to stay with Marg and Rowdy in their beautiful home just out of town.

On Sunday, we took a bull out to a station I use to work at - Glenmore Station at Lake Tekapo and got some fab photos. A retired employee of Temuka Transport met us there and he was my driver for the trip. I think he just came along to be nosey, but he was pretty chuffed to be driving the author of a book around, and even though I tried to play it down he had a grin from ear to ear.

Short story 5:

A lady emailed me from Auckland to buy a book. I responded and said I didn’t like the city limits so she probably wouldn’t find a shop in the city that has it. I mentioned at the end of my email that I was going to be in Auckland to fly home later in the week and could meet her somewhere with a book.

One thing led to another and next minute I was staying with her and her husband at their home. I was then escorted around the city to various places for great photographs.

I said that I really wanted to get a photo of Spaghetti junction to use in the truck book and asked if there was a place I could walk to that was reasonably high to get a nice birds eye view of it. Like any fast paced city there is very few places to pull over!

Before I knew it we were heading up to the penthouse suite of an apartment building that overlooked the whole city. It was an Indian family, who neither of us knew, but they were happy for us to take photos! And what a view it was!

It was hard to believe that in one day I took photos of elite race horses and stallions, a really cool Peter Built Logging truck, NZ post and city views that you would pay money to see! ………maybe I can handle small doses of the rat race Auckland has to offer!