Short Stories

I have been so busy with the day to day stuff, I have not had time to blog sorry.
But here are a few short stories.

NZ Distribution, quite a laugh!

Short story 1:

What happens when you, as a NZ customer, order a book online:

My NZ Agent, aka Dad, and the process has sooo much room for error, but so far we have had no break downs! He was asking for a pay rise while I was in NZ this trip and I told him, he can take long service leave come xmas as there will be no more work for him until the truck book comes out!

1. Order comes through to me on an email
2. I forward the order to my PA who looks up the order on the website and takes down the postal address.
3. She sends the address back to me
4. I copy the address and send it to dads neighbour
5. Dads neighbour writes it down and delivers it to dads house
6. Dad packages up the book and takes it to the post office for posting
7. Customer receives their book and its happy days!

Someone spotted him posting books in Wanganui a while ago and reported it to a shop that was trying to source books. The bookshop, namely Paper Plus in Fielding, got hold of his details and gave him a call.

Phil (Paper Plus): ‘Word on the street is you have these sought after ‘Drover’ books?’

Dave (Dad): ‘Ah, no, I just posted the last two I had today’

Phil: 'Well who are you?'

Dave: 'Alice’s Dad'

Phil: 'Well then, when will she have more books and how can we get them?'

Dad feeling pretty chuffed with himself, proceeded to give me a call to pass on the order and I called Phil to get details for the business.

Short story 2:

The other day we had an order for a guy by the name of Slack Lucas (who happens to be Dads best friend). To the best of dads knowledge, Slack didn’t have a computer to be able to order…… so dad rings him up and tells him of this order and asks when he acquired a computer, which Slack knew nothing about. They have a bit of a laugh thinking dad was taking the piss out of him and go on their way.

Being the good agent that he is, dad said I should drop the book off to him to save postage when I go past on my way north, which I did.

I ended up staying the night and their son George came for dinner. George saw the book and said, oh I see you got the fathers day present I ordered for you. To which Slack said yes and it got delivered by the author! George said ‘WHAT!’ And that’s her standing there! We had a big laugh over dinner about it.

Short story 3:

I was in Hawera and had a coffee with a radio presenter who happened to be having coffee with Neville Wallace, who is very involved with federated farmers.

Neville called me up and asked if I would come for lunch, to which I responded in my usual way, ‘yea sure’. We had a bit of a laugh over a bowl of soup at lunch about how most people would never consider having lunch at someone’s house who they don’t know from a bar of soap! It just seems to be the way I roll. I have never once felt uneasy about any situation I have been in with people and I think it is really important that I communicate these crazy events with my followers to show you that even though the world is getting more and more unsafe, there are still lots of really lovely and genuine people out there.

To be continued...