On The Road Again....Still !!

Since my last blog, so many km’s have been travelled, litres of fuel burnt and amazing businesses photographed.

I left Kalumburu with a Peter, a driver for Dean Wilson Transport from Broome. We spent two days delivering general freight to roadhouses and communities through the Kimberly until we reached Broome.

I spent a day tidying up the final photos I needed for Road Trains Australia as they had a base in Broome and were loading cattle for export.

From there I struggled to get a ride south due to the rules and regulations in a lot of the bigger transport companies around carrying passengers. Finally after exhausting all of my truck driver networks, Steve came to the rescue with a contact from CTI Logistics.

I spent the next three days travelling in convoy back to Perth with Alan and Bill who were drivers that each drove a road train carting a special type of oil for the mining industry. These were two people that the average person probably wouldn’t strike up a conversation with if they were standing next to them at the pub! But I’m quite seasoned to the ‘typical truckie image’ now and these two blokes would help me out if ever I was in trouble somewhere in the country.  A little rough around the edges and some pretty wild stories, but hearts of gold. They have both travelled all of Australia with the various truck driving jobs they have had in their careers. It is people like Alan and Bill that keep our shop shelves full.