A real piece of history

Wanting to get out of the city as quick as I could it ended up that I was running early for my arrival in Nowra, I spotted a Manildra Flour truck on the road south and convinced the driver to pull over for a minute for me to get some photos. I then spent some time selling books to newsagents on my travels. Then had a drone flying lesson with an instructor which also turned bad as he showed me how to do a particular maneuver which resulted in a malfunction and we sat and watched the battery of my drone burn in the middle of a football field. Speechless. That’s all.

Barney and I drove silently to the farm where I was going to get a photo of a bullock team for the history page in the book. I drove into what I can only describe as a blissful rainforest that most people would never know exists! And no I’m not telling you where it is!

It was midafternoon and I was pretty flat. I had a lie down before being woken to go Wombat spotting and have a farm tour before dinner.

The next morning I was woken by the sound of the wagon being taken down to the paddock where we would hook the bullock team up.

I met Ge-off as a result of him buying The Drover then asking me to come and photograph a cattle muster in the Simpson Desert. Two of the other men that came on the trip came to the farm this day to catch up with me and help with the photo shoot of the 12 bullocks hooked up. (note: Ge-off’s name is actually Geoff, but the command for telling animals in harness to go left, is ge-off! So with a little humor in mind, I call him Ge-off!)

From woe to go, to be a part of this event was something unreal. My heart was racing as we were standing in the middle of a paddock to hook 12 bullocks up. Anything could have gone wrong. Then I felt like I had gone back in time and realised most people would never ever get the chance to experience something like this, and that people like Ge-off Cochrane will not be here forever and who is learning this stuff to keep the tradition going? But I did film it, as amateur as it is, you can watch from your computer or phone and in just a few mins, live the few hours, that I did as we hooked up the bullock team to take a photo for my up and coming book The Driver. Check out the video on facebook.

I had to rush off as I needed to be an hour north for a photo shoot with a truck that was going to be unloading at a McDonald’s restaurant. This is where Barney caught up with is travelling buddies Kasey and Kody.

It was a slow trip back to Orange for an early night to recharge the batteries for a big drive to Newcastle the next day. But not without a testing phone call with a government person exercising their importance and telling me what I could and couldn’t do as far as taking photos for an up and coming photo shoot. Not feeling in the mood I politely said to her, “I have just done a photo shoot with Armaguard and NAB bank and you think I didn’t have similar protocols to follow? I’m pretty sure I know what I can and can’t do legally”. To which she agreed and left it at that!