Making the most of every opportunity

Making the most of every opportunity

On my return to Perth my plan was to cross the Tasman to NZ again to finish of some of the photo-shoots for the transport companies over there and continue supporting the launch of The Drover to my home country.

Before I left for the motherland I flew into Brisbane and ticked off a couple of Qld companies. IOR is a fuel company that has self serve fuel depots all over Vic, NSW, Qld, and the NT.

Knights Towing was a really smart family run business with three black, red and yellow tow trucks. Something no one likes to use but is necessary all the same!

It was a real juggling act at Al Mabin Photography leading up to Christmas. I had to drive sales of The Drover to keep me going, and still find time to photograph truck companies to stay on target for a June 2016 print date.

I developed a real soft spot for Smiths Transport, an indigenous family that run a fleet of tipper trucks, and go above and beyond for their drivers, making their lunches, cooking them dinner and providing them with accommodation when the busy season is in full swing carting grain. I really love getting to meet all these wonderful people on my travels.