I Thought Travelling Was The Time Consuming Part

We see trucks on the road all the time, but I don’t think we have any concept of what it takes to put a road train together to do a job.

PJW Haulage carts almost anything and goes anywhere. The day I spent with ‘Hollywood’ (a nickname he got for the time he spent in America driving trucks) I got to experience first hand the process from start to finish to put a load together. He was contracted to cart a unit of liquid nitrogen. This included two tanks along with the equipment to utilize the product when it got to its destination at Port Headland.

We spent the first 4 hours loading the trailers and tying them down. Then we had to get a ‘dog runner’ to come and pick up the third trailer and take it 250km up to the hook up area at Wubin. By law trucks are not allowed to cart three trailers in the city.  Each trailer was at a different location in Perth so Hollywood had to navigate the traffic to put his trailers together before we could head up to Wubin to get the third and final trailer and finally get on the road to Port Headland.

By the time we got to Wubin it was 5pm and the day was almost over before he had even got anywhere! We pulled up 160km later at Panes Fine, had dinner then parted ways.

I then drove through the night along a dirt road to make it to my next destination, Kalgoorlie. This was 740km away and I had to be there by 7am the next morning to meet Jayson from Penns Transport.

I was wary eyed by about midnight so I pulled up in a truck bay on the side of the road, rolled my swag out on the ground beside the car and got a few hours sleep.

I made it to town on time and was struck by humidity by about 9am. Something I was not use to but I battled through with the little sleep I had had the night before and witnessed things in transport I never bargained for! I saw the inside of the massive goldmine that the bush city of Kalgoorlie feeds off. Jayson and his father Gary organised a great line up of trucks for the day and mixture of the equipment they cart for the mining industry.

During this week I was trying to organise a backload for my car and trailer to go to South Australia so I could connect the west with the east and get my car and trailer in the book! But due to the train that runs across the Nullarbor derailing because of the wind, all truck were full.  Looks like I will be driving myself across.