Coming up with the new book idea

Australia on the back of a truck blog.


The burning question from all of the stockists of The Drover is: When is your next book coming out and what is it about?


To which I answer…….’There isn’t going to be one, it’s hard enough keeping up with this one!’


But all jokes aside, I would be silly if I didn’t do another book as I have worked so hard as a self published author to develop a distribution channel that well, money can’t buy. They love The Drover and would like to see more.


While driving to my one month car service one rainy day, I was brainstorming subjects for my next book.


I got to thinking about the big intimidating, shiny trucks that were coming at me on the other side of the road and thought that if it wasn’t for trucks, this country would not be what it is today. We take them for granted. No one thanks the truck driver for delivering the ‘goods’ you and I buy and use. Yet we are the first to curse at them on the roads we travel.


 Meanwhile, up in front of me I saw a car accident unfold. (May I remind you that it was pouring with rain) Thankfully, as I later found out, no one was hurt.


But as the traffic banked up in front of me and I was forced to slow down in the pouring rain, another accident was about to unfold behind me. The truck travelling behind me could not stop in time and hit me.


Now for someone who doesn’t know much about the transport industry, it is important to note that vehicles that are heavy take a lot longer to stop than a car.


The average loaded truck travelling at 90km/h takes 185m to stop under normal breaking conditions. This particular day was not ‘normal’ in terms of conditions. The roads were wet and slippery. The situation was a domino effect of an accident that had happened up ahead of us.


One brand new, one month old land cruiser, busted up!


I was devastated.


I went through the motions- I cried of shock, and mostly horror that my brand new car, my pride and joy, was now a hunk of crimpled up junk.


I got angry- at the inconvenience of the situation. I rely so heavily on my vehicle for my business.


But now I am at the laughing phase as I look back and recount how I saw it all unfold in the rear vision mirror and said to my dog, ‘hold on, this is going to hurt!’ as the truck hit the back of me. But it was not his fault, nor mine. It was unavoidable due to the accident in front.


I was unhurt and that was the most important thing. They are still making cars…. A world without Alice would be no world at all! ( The world probably couldn't cope with too many of me but) 


A few forced days in the office while I sorted out a hire car, I got back to thinking about trucks and thought it would be a great subject for a book.


The trucking industry is the backbone of Australia but is very under-recognised for their efforts.


I truly think people just think that food grows in the supermarket! That fuel is pumped underground, that water falls from the sky, milk comes in a bottle, post comes via a pigeon, I think you get my point.


Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, ‘how did this steak I’m eating, get on my plate, how did this new car I drive get to my car dealer, how did the windows for my house get to the shop or the laundry power I put in my washing machine get to the supermarket. Yep you got it, all on the back of a truck. Along with EVERYTHING ELSE. We just don’t stop to think about it.


There are some amazing stories out there and I want to capture them on camera and in an audio book.


So I got together with my team and we developed a plan and some marketing pieces, and started to produce a list of companies and businesses to be involved in the book.


And, well, that’s about where it all came to a grinding halt.


I don’t know the first thing about trucks.


My dad wasn’t a truck driver.


My granddad wasn’t a truck driver.


Come to think of it, I hadn’t even been in a truck!


But, I knew a couple of truck drivers who had delivered a couple of boxes of ‘The Drover’ to remote towns for me and so I gave them a ring.


As you can imagine if you are a truck driver reading this, these guys were 100% behind my idea and gave me heaps of great leads.