Back on the mainland

After 7 days in Tasmania I found myself back on the mainland at 6am and I headed straight to the CBD to meet with Fraser, the owner of the printing company Colorcraft. I had a massive task on my hand to convince him that I had a massive book on my hands and that I needed a little bit of belief from them to help me get to print as unfortunately my sponsorship proposals were all turned down. I was not worried as I knew I would find a way, and Fraser was it.

He brought boxes of samples with him for the special editions and I took them away with me to choose my options.

I picked up my trailer, said goodbye to Jean and Grahame, friends parents who were looking after my trailer and headed north to NSW for a photo shoot with Laundess Clay the next morning.

The next morning was an early start. While I was away Lorna did a load of washing for me and I came back to find she had ironed everything! She told me not to argue and just accept the help as she sat me down for lunch.

I had no idea clay was used for so many things. I sit on a clay product to go to the toilet one minute and the next I’m putting it on my face to help my appearance’s!

That afternoon I headed to Corowa where I met the Willett family and was entertained by Kristie and Scott’s children with amazing dance rehearsals as we waited for the sun to set to take some evening shots.

I parked my trailer in the truck yard and we headed out early to get a few more shots the next morning before I headed to Yass to photograph a car truck.

And boy was I spoilt. A truckload of Mustangs and BMW’s. You couldn’t really ask for much better! We went for a drive to find some nice places to capture some of the local scenery and came across a paddock full of life size amazing garden ornaments of horses and carts and people on horses.

I said how cool they were to Chris and we kept driving. Then the penny dropped. They were mustangs! The old fashioned mustang but I had myself a really good play on words! Out with the old and in with the new. Shanks pony was certainly second to a shiny mustang convertible!

That night I stayed with my surrogate Yass family, the Dyson’s. I met them many years ago when I broke my leg and had to sell my working dogs. Kim came to Hay to see my huntaway. Broken legged I hobbled around the paddock and brought a mob of sheep in to the yards to work for him. About 5 minutes went by and he said “I’ll take her.” He wrote me a cheque on the bonnet of the ute and drove off with my dog! I went home and laughed, telling my Hay surrogate family that he didn’t even take her commands! A few days later they called up realising they didn’t know how to work her and asked me to leave her commands on the voice mail on the phone.

From there the relationship was born and for many years following I sent dogs across from NZ for them and came over to see them work each year. I asked Kim one day if I could work for him on the farm and he said no. Lucky he did because I wouldn’t be where I am now if he said yes!

It was here I cooked up my salmon storm from the Huon salmon farm.  But not before he took me up to the yards to show me his young dog working. (The video is on facebook!)

Sunday was a day of rest. But I managed to book a quick trip down the Snowy Mountains for Monday with Abletts transport to a wood mill. I got back to Yass, hooked up my trailer and headed to Orange to get my cameras cleaned early the next morning before I did a photo shoot with Linfox and Electrolux, then Manildra Flour. And somewhere in there I managed to fit dinner in with my old housemate at our favorite Japanese restaurant.