Airports, Foctories and Hard Hats

On my return to Perth after shooting in New Zealand I met an amazing woman.

Danani Haulage from Perth is a really unique truck company owned and run by a woman and focuses on Hotshots. They hotshot freight direct from pick-up point to delivery point, and deliver it right across Australia – anywhere, anytime.  The day I spent with them I found myself being escorted onto the runway of the Perth airport to collect an emergency life raft for an offshore mining company. Probably a once in a lifetime opportunity!

The next day I was inducted into the Coke factory and convinced the manager of the transport side of things to load a truck completely with pallets of Coke and Lift so I could get a ‘money shot’ of a consumable that almost everyone drinks! This was an element of transport that I focused on with Goldstar Transport. They cart everything from consumables to things like power poles and equipment relating to the electricity industry- another service that all people living in Australia take advantage of.

Then to mix it up I had a trip to the wharf to load an oversize train that was bound for Port Headland and was built to use to check for imperfections in the train tracks. Somewhere in there I managed to find two gigantic dump trucks that were carted on four trucks because they couldn’t be carted in one piece due to the sheer size of them. This is a typical day for Gavin Transport, a company that specialises in heavy haulage. Police escorts and early starts to get out of the city before the traffic started.

I’m often asked to don a hard hat whilst being inducted to places like airports and factories so I’ve now decided to buy my very own pink hardhat so people can see me coming and know that I mean business!